So we’ve got a lot of cool things our webinar schedule has to come so thank you all very much for tuning in I look forward to seeing you in two weeks we’re moving back here on YouTube teach you how to get vendor accounts and loans and a lot of cool things has happened in the week to come you can check out our YouTube channel on forward slash credit suite and you can see the events that we have scheduled in the future I think our next two or three are already scheduled.

so you’ll know the topics that we’re Business going to cover and I already show you told you about credit suite Campos yeah yeah where you can get our list because every other week we do a letter so every other week I’m doing a live webinar where you can ask questions and we can engage and then on the off weeks I’m hot on your doing YouTube live and so you know you can also go to credits we comment on the top right of our page follow us on Facebook and periscope we go live almost every week on Facebook.

At periscope I say almost because for example we won’t be going live on Facebook this Thursday because it’s Thanksgiving but we will be going live tomorrow on periscope we can engage and answer questions with you in real time thank you all very much for tuning in I will see you back here in two weeks.