Because to do so you gonna be an architect in Nigeria yeah I’m going to be a big also now I’m done with my school well what do you think you’ll be able to get a job as an architect if there’s no job that works how can you get a job as an architect if there’s no jobs yeah you know like I told you I’m still a student so as soon as I’m done with my girl my room my school I’m gonna find a good kill on it um listen I have to fast with you okay I really do with the fuss.

with you but you got to understand the people that you’re doing to in the United States you think all we’re all rich we’ve all got a lot of money and that we can afford to lose a laptop but the fact the matter is is that people in the United States are struggling just like you are it’s not easy we have to we have to work hours a day in order to have health insurance or to put food on our tables you know it costs a lot of money to buy food and whatever and and to in to buy.

Houses and stuff I Linconln Ne Internet think that you think that all Americans are rich and that’s just not true the people that you’re calling and instilling laptops from on Craigslist a lot of them have like three or four kids their struggle and pay the bills you know the wife left from there has their husband left them and they’re having a hard life and I think if you realize that you’re hurting people that or you know that that need the money I don’t think that you’d be so happy to do what.

You’re doing well at work I don’t have that you know a big morning I’ll get written to me living in good night so you want to live a good life by taking from others yeah I know you want me to do something so what let me ask you what’s the difference well to just go want you to just get a gun walk.

around the screen and rob people head out that take money while I’ll do that oh I can’t do that oh god no template I add hopefully going on someone hit on something to give me money it’s not possible and how can you choose on my goodness yeah fun work so that’s what I think I think it’s a baby yeah but while she was still money in won’t you discover stores till money.