The Secret of Personalized Name Badges

Because II  is an epoxy it’s got toxic fumes you  obviously don’t want to breathe those in  so it’s very important to do this outdoors put the e on the backyard  button attach this flip it around make sure it’s just like how you want it and  then leave this outside for hours and then you’ve got a finished band reel it’s super cool personalized name badges.

personalized name badges

These are as you can see  really simple to make they’re not terribly expensive if you buy the components online you can buy these cover buttons and badge reels in fabric  stores or big-box retailers they are significantly cheaper if you buy them online and underneath this video I’m going to leave a couple links to some  some online retailers.

Where you can buy these so one more thing – there are two different types of bad reels there’s a kind with this little belt clip that you  just kind of pull away a little bit to slide it on to your clothing and then this is the elliegator clip type so it’s a little easier to use but a little bit more expensive and.

They also come  in a variety of colors here just a few of the colors that they come in I tend to just buy black and white nowadays it’s easier to match everything and then if you want to do a monogrammed one all you do is take your fabric  put it in your embroidery machine um pin around the edges.

So it stays in place properly stabilize it with some cutaway embroider your monogram and then cut it out as you normally would senator monogram inside this little area  and make it as usual so I hope this was helpful to you if you have any questions post them below and if you like the video please click the little thumbs up.